Visits to Myanmar proposed by ASEAN will be considered after stabilizing the country: Senior General

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State Administration Council Chairman Senior General Min Aung Hlaing is addressing at the SAC 9/2021 meeting in Nay Pyi Taw on 26 April 2021.

Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivered a speech at the meeting 9/2021 of the State Administration Council at the Council Chairman’s Office yesterday afternoon.
Speaking on occasion, the Senior General said he attended the ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting held in Jakarta of Indonesia on 24 April and discussed issues of ASEAN, prevention of Covid-19 and progress in Myanmar.
The Senior General explained his discussions on handover of the State duty under the Constitution on 1 February for voting frauds in the 2020 general election in Myanmar, different stages of protests, formation of the State Administration Council, future plans and objectives, undertakings as pledged by the Tatmadaw in line with the democratic practice, Tatmadaw’s endeavours in 2010 and 2015 general elections in line with democracy, the occurrence of voting frauds in the 2020 general election, printing of ballot papers beyond the laws and procedures, casting votes without identity, deaths and injuries of security forces in current riots, and solving the injuries and deaths of people under the law.
The Senior General stressed that leadership and leader are of importance in politics. They have to lead everything under the rules and laws. A democracy with unlawful leadership cannot be accepted. The president, the government officials and the Hluttaw refused dialogue for unfairness in the election, not in line with the law. The Senior General explained that the Tatmadaw’s undertaking of tasks in line with the law and clarified the plan to hold a free and fair election, the seizure of arms and ammunition used by rioters and terrorists, declaration of the martial law orders in some townships, and loss of people in healthcare services due to CDM activities of some health staff.

Likewise, the Senior General said that he explained the progress of the peace process, efforts to restore the peace that is essential for democracy and federalism, arrangement to issue citizenship scrutiny cards to 4.6 million people for holding the election and repatriation of those who left for another country, to Rakhine State under the prescribed disciplines.
In responding to the discussions on the Myanmar issue of ASEAN leaders, the Senior General said he would emphasize considering suggestions given to Myanmar with constructive attitudes compared with current situations at home. By giving priority to peace and stability of the State,the visits to Myanmar proposed by the ASEAN will be considered after stabilizing the country. In implementing the five future programmes of the council, if the aid of ASEAN with constructive attitude depends on ASEAN Charter, ASEAN Way and ASEAN Spirit, it will be considered for the State interests.
Efforts are being made to conduct law and economics subjects at universities. As law subject is essential in exercising democracy, every citizen needs to have basic legal knowledge. Only when the State economy improves will it practise democracy. So, it is necessary to reduce the development gap between urban and rural areas. It is required to restore peace for turning out the educated persons. The Senior General stressed the need to re-operate factories and construction projects for generating jobs for the people to solve basic needs.

Leadership and leader are of importance in politics. They have to lead everything under the rules and laws. A democracy with unlawful leadership cannot be accepted.

The council members discussed declaration of the CRPH as terrorist organization under the Anti-Terrorism Law, assessment over the laws enacted beyond the Constitution, reviewing formation of special courts, awarding the State servants loyal to the country and taking action against those break the law, scrutiny over loss of the State for appointment of foreign experts, easing worries of people for private banks, taking effective action against artistes who incited riots and those who participated in the terror acts, taking out of river sands for earning foreign exchange, generating electricity through solar on water surface, inserting some provisions into the cyber law, exposing some construction entrepreneurs who attempt to stage CDM, scrutiny for some ministerial officials from CDM activity, issuance of CSC to people from IDP camps, exposing for trafficking of illegal arms in border areas, arrangements for releasing accurate news to the people, creation of economic opportunities, development tasks in Namsang and Mangtun townships, disbursement of agricultural loans for cultivation of alternative crops, no emergence of single party dictatorship system in the Union based in democracy and federalism, and change of election system for participation of representatives from all parties at Hluttaws.
In his response, the Senior General said he would scrutinize the matters related to special courts for judicial affairs. The staff who do not join CDM and are loyal to the State should be honoured. It is necessary to change the mindset of the staff from administrative machinery. The mindset of State service personnel and government servant must be changed in the long run.
Arrangements are being made to operate the banks regularly. The issues for artistes are being considered for the long term. Effective action will be taken against some artistes who have been warned many times. Press conferences are being held for the people to know the information in time. It is necessary to consider the development of the State with farsightedness.
Then, the Senior General highlighted issuance of citizenship scrutiny cards, coordination for amendment of election system between the Union Election Commission and parties, issues of the State economy and generating of electricity based on feasibility studies, uplift of living standard for ethnic nations to have literacy, and needs of realizing the democracy for the State and the people with genuine goodwill. — MNA

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