Watermelon and sweet cucumber markets rebound at Myanmar-China border


Border traders said that the watermelon and sweet cucumber trade has recovered at the border as China has eased the lockdown in urban areas.
Starting from 5 December 2022, the lockdown imposed in China has been eased and no more Covid tests will be conducted, they said.
“From today, at the fruit marketplace, we have started trading,” said a trader based in Muse (105 miles).
Currently, Myanmar is the period when watermelon and sweet cucumber have yielded.
Trade is closed on the Chinese border under the pretext of Covid, and exports are not permitted. Now, the border has been relaxed for exports. In addition, on 2 December 2022, the entrance to the country started to open at the Kyinsankyawt border (A1), traders said. As trading at the market has started to be good the price of watermelon is 1.8 yuan per piece, and sweet cucumbers are getting 3 to 4 yuan, according to market reports. “We just need the price of watermelon to be good. Watermelons are allowed to move freely in big cities,” said a person based in Muse.
In the past, the export of melon and cucumber was limited due to Covid detection in China’s urban areas. It is hoped that the trading of Myanmar melons and cucumbers will improve.
In the financial year 2018-19, Myanmar exported up to 800,000 tonnes of watermelons and 0.15 million tonnes of sweet cucumber. In the 2019-20 financial year, it exported up to 600,000 tonnes of watermelon and 0.14 million tonnes of sweet cucumber. – TPT/GNLM

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