Weekly market update of dry groceries

The photo shows a grocery that retails a range of foodstuffs.

During the week ending 1 November, the prices of Chinese potato, Shan potato, Kyukok garlic, black gram and pigeon peas (red gram) fell.
Following the entry of 96,000 visses of onions to the Yangon market on 1 November, the prices of onions increased again.
The prices stood at K3,100-4,100 per viss of onions from the Seikphyu area and K3,600-4,400 from the Myingyan area.
The wholesale prices of the Kyukok garlic variety were K3,750-3,800 per viss and then, the price declined to K3,550 per viss on 1 November. Meanwhile, the local garlic from Shan State (Aungban area) moved in the range between K2,900-4,000 per viss.
The price of Chinese potatoes decreased from over K2,000 to K1,900-2,950 per viss on 1 November. Shan potatoes were priced at K1,400-1,700 per viss depending on quality.
Chilli pepper
Chinese bell peppers entered the market at K2,450 per viss in the Yangon wholesale market on 1 November. The wholesale prices of chilli peppers were K18,000-18,500 per viss of Shan long chilli pepper and K16,000 for the Moehtaung variety. The bell pepper from Shan State fetched K20,500 per viss.
On 1 November, the wholesale prices of bell pepper were K21,500-30,000 per viss depending on varieties and chilli peppers were priced at K15,500-22,000 per viss.
Palm oil
The wholesale reference price of palm oil in the Yangon Region this week was up by K50 per viss compared to the last week’s price. The reference price for a week from 31 October to 6 November was set at K4,225 per viss.
Consequently, the wholesale price of palm oil barrels was K4,250 per viss in Yangon markets.
New Pawsan rice entered Yangon’s wholesale market with K50,000 per bag on 1 November. The prices of high-grade Pawsan stood at K85,000-91,000 per bag from the Shwebo area, K60,000-65,000 from Pathein/Myaungmya area and K57,000-60,000 from the Pyapon area, while the prices of other rice varieties were K48,000 of Pawkywe, K46,000 of short-mature rice (90 days), K43,000 for rice grown under the intercropping system, K41,000 for monsoon low-grade rice and K38,000 for broken rice.
On 1 November, the prices of various pulses stood at over K1,710,000 per tonne of black gram (Fair Average Quality/RC), K2,030,000 per tonne of black gram (Special Quality/RC), K1,955,000 per tonne of pigeon pea (red gram) RC and K4,150-4,300 per viss of chickpea in Yangon markets. — TWA/GNLM

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