Weekly update prices of Bayintnaung commodities

Since 16 January, the onion price has been surfing in the market and the palm oil price has risen but the potato price has gone down.
120,000 visses of onions arrived in Yangon, but the price rose by around K 200/300 per viss on 16 January. On 17 January, 200,000 visses of local onions entered the market, and the price dropped by around K 200 per viss.
On 16 January, the price of onion in Seikphyu was K 1,900-K2,100 per viss. Myingyan onion was K 1,800-K2,000 per viss and Myittha onion was K 2,200-2,400-2,300 respectively. On 17 January, Myingyan onion was K 1,600-K1,800 per viss and Myittha K 2,000-K2,200.
On 17 January, at the Pakkoku market, a viss of onions (without island onion) entered the market, and the highest wholesale price per viss was K 1,850 in wholesale and the retail rate is K 1,650. On 17 January in Mandalay market, the highest price of a viss of Myittha onion was K 2,300. On 16 January, the price of onions entered 25,840 visses into the Myingyan market, and the highest price was two thousand Kyats per viss.
Shan Aungpan’s garlic price rose but the Kyukok garlic price was down. Shan Aungpan garlic’s price was between K 4,600-K5,200-K5,600-K5,900 per viss and Kyukok garlic’s wholesale price was around K 3,700 per viss.
The price of Chinese potatoes has fallen. The old Chinese potato, which was up to K 2,400 per viss, was only K 2,100 on 17 January. New Chinese potatoes have a wholesale rate of K 2,000 per viss. The wholesale price of Shan Aungpan potatoes is K K1,750-K1,850-K2,100 per viss.
On 17 January, chilli prices rose again, the wholesale price of the new long red arrow chilli (from Hinthada) was K14,500 per viss. Panye chilli was K 13,000-K14,000 per viss. Moe Htaung chilli was K 12,000-K13,000 per viss. The wholesale price of new chilli on white elephant island was K18,000 -K18,500. Zee pepper was K 15,000 per viss and Shan Saga pepper was K 13,500-K14,000.
Cooking Oil
From 16 to 22 January, the basic wholesale reference price of palm oil was K 4,440 per viss, down K 90 per viss from the previous week.
During this week, the price of palm oil in the foreign market fluctuated. When foreign prices were falling, when the exchange rate was low, there was palm oil coming in from abroad, but those who had instant oil in the market raised the price.
On 10 January, the paper price was K5,950-K6,000 per viss. K 5,600-K5,700 per viss on the 11th and it was K5,450/ K5,500 per viss on the 12th, respectively and on 16 January, it became K6,000/K6,050. On 17 January, it was sold at a retail price of K 6,100 per viss at Nyaung Pin Lay market.
In the Yangon market, the broken rice was K40,600 per bag, Sinthukha new was K44,000 per bag, The price of double cropping new rice was K45,000/K46,000 per bag, 90 days new rice was K49,000 per bag, Paw Kywe new rice was K52,000 per bag. Paw San rice of Phapon was K60,000-K62,000, Myaungmya-Pathein K62,000-K65,000, and Shwebo rice was K74,000-K80,000 per bag respectively. Old Paw San rice was priced for Phapon at K70,000-K72,000, for Pathein/Myaungmya at K72,000-K74,000 and for Shwebo at K93,000-K105,000 per bag respectively.
On 17 January 2023, in the Yangon bean market, one tonne of black gram FAQ/RC was K1,678,500, K1,908,500 per tonne of SQ/RC, K1,819,000 per tonne of red pigeon bean Red/RC, green gram (purple saffron top) was K2,800-K2,920 per viss and a viss of chickpeas is priced at K4,250/K4,440.— TWA/KZW

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