Weekly updated prices of Bayintnaung Market

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The photo shows a dry grocery outlet.

Between 20 and 26 December, the price of Shan garlic surged, while the price of Kyukok potatoes declined in the Bayintnaung Wholesale Market.
On 26 December, 270,000 visses of onions from various cities and towns arrived in the Yangon market. Prices for Seikphyu old onions ranged from K2,600 to K5,100 per viss. Prices of new Myingyan (monsoon) onions were K1,900 to K3,800, and Myittha fresh onions were priced at K3,100 to K4,700 per viss. In the Pakokku market, 170,000 visses of monsoon onions arrived on the same day, with the maximum price of K2,450 per viss.
On 26 December, the prices for various garlic varieties were as follows: Kyukok garlic – K10,500 per viss, Shan Aungban garlic – K15,000 to K16,700 per viss.
On 26 December, new (red soil) potatoes were priced at K2,100 per viss, while old (sandy) potatoes were priced at K2,450.
On 26 December, long red chillies from Salin Town were priced at K13,500 per viss, long Shan chillies were priced at K10,500 to K12,000 per viss, and Moehtaung new chillies from various towns were priced at K11,000 per viss. Chilli processed in cold storage with a pink colour was priced at K15,500 per viss, and Myarni chilli in cold storage was valued at K14,500 per viss. Zee bell pepper was priced at K14,500 per viss, whereas Chinese bell pepper was priced at K19,000 per viss.
On 26 December, monsoon rice (rough) was priced at K68,000, Manaw Thukha (new) at K74,000, rough rice (old) at K95,000, and old double-cropping rice (rough) at K82,000 per bag in the Yangon market. Pawkywe (old) was priced at K100,000, Ayeyawady Pawsan (new) at K120,000, Shwebo Pawsan (new) at K140,000, Ayeyawady Pawsan (old) at K15,500, and Shwebo Pawsan (new) at K170,000 to K180,000 per bag.
Palm oil
From 26 to 30 December, the wholesale reference price of palm oil increased to K4,955 per viss, marking a K145 per viss decrease compared to the previous week.
Beans and Pulses
On December 26, one ton of black gram RC was priced at K2,994,000, one ton of SQ/RC at K3,304,000, red pigeon pea at K3,275,000 per ton, green gram at K3,750 per viss, while chicken pea was priced at K6,025 to K6,200 per viss. — TWA/TMT

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