Weekly updated prices of Bayintnaung Market

24255 sskm
Market-Ready: Well-organized kitchen groceries await shoppers.

A total of 150,000 visses of onions entered the market on 8 November. The wholesale price of Seikphyu onion was K2700-K3300-K3,600-K3,800 per viss while the Myingyan (Kansint) onion fetched K2,950-K3,150-K3,650-K3,950 per viss and K2,500-K3,000-K3,300-K3,500 for Taungtha onion.
On 4 November, the Pakokku market received 50,000 visses of onions at the highest price of K3,250 per viss.
On 8 November, 35,000 visses of onions entered the market at only K3,100 per viss.
On 3 November, the garlic prices in Yangon market were K12,000 per viss of Shan garlic, K13,000 per viss of special 3, K14,000 per viss of special 4, K15,000 per viss of special 5 and K16,000/K17,000 per viss of Kyukok garlic.
On 8 November, the prices dropped again and it was K12,500 per viss of white shan S5 and K12,500/14,500 per viss of Kyukok.
On 8 November, the wholesale price of potatoes rose to K4,000 per viss in the Yangon market. On 6 November, there was no entry of Chinese potatoes to the market but 120,000 visses on 7 November and 180,000 visses on 8 November.
Chilli Pepper
In the Yangon chilli pepper market on 8 November, the Eainme long chilli pepper was priced at K8,000 while K7,000/K8,000 for Panye long chilli pepper, K10,000 for Thazi Moehtaung chilli, K10,300 for Pyawbwe Moehtaung chilli, K14,000/K16,000 for Sinphyukyun chilli (ordinary), K13,000 for Shan Buusoh chilli and K17,000 for Thalun, Kume, Myittha and Seinsapwa chilli.
On 8 November, the new monsoon rice was priced at K62,000/K63,000 per bag in the Yangon market, multi-cropped rice was K70,000 per bag, the 90-day rice variety stood at K83,000, and the Pawkywe rice variety was priced at K83,000. Pawsan rice variants ranged from K125,000 to K128,000 per bag, depending on the producing region. The Kyaiklat Pawsan entered the market at K90,000 per bag.
Palm Oil
The wholesale reference price of palm oil is K4,560 per viss from 6 to 12 November, marking a K10 per viss decrease compared to the previous week. The palm oil price in foreign markets was US$830 per tonne on 6 November and dropped to $827.5 on 7 November. A total of 16,000 tonnes of oil were imported on 1 November.
Beans and Pulses
On 3 November, the price of black gram was K2,911,000 per tonne for RC and K3,191,000 per tonne for SQ/RC. Meanwhile, a tonne of pigeon peas was valued at K4,075,000. On 8 November, the black gram RC was priced at K2,875,000 per tonne, K3,145,000 per tonne for SQ and K3,900,000 per tonne of pigeon peas.
Additionally, the price of green gram (Kayan Shwewah variety) and Pakokku variety fetched K3,580 and K2,580-2,835 per viss respectively, while chickpeas was K5,750-K6,100 per viss. — TWA/KTZH

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