Woman arrested for operating door-to-door illegal money remittance/withdrawal service

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Authorities take action against those doing door-to-door services of illegal money remittance/withdrawal in some townships of Yangon. Such services violate the Financial Institution Law and existing laws.
Officials examined Ma Cho Cho Hlaing, who lives in North Okkalapa Township of Yangon Region, on 20 May. She operated online shopping and conducted door-to-door cash withdrawal services with service charges by taking chances upon those who wait in a queue for ATM cash withdrawal. She offered 4, 5 and 8 per cent for K100,000. She posted such services on her Facebook account named Cho Cho Hlaing (Shilly Shally) with phone number 09 705555610, and KPay at 09 778576160 and Mobile Banking through 09 421108059.
A file was opened against suspect Cho Cho Hlaing, and officials will investigate those who operate illegal cash transfer/withdrawal, according to Myanmar Police Force. — MNA

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