Worshippers make merits at pagodas across Mandalay on Waso full moon day

Buddhists across the country marked the auspicious Waso Full moon day (Dhammacakka Day), the commencement of three-month Buddhist lent. They thronged the pagodas and temples, offered alms, flowers, water and candle lights to the Buddha, do virtuous deeds such as releasing animals, chanting and keeping the Sabbath.
Similarly, pagodas, temples and monasteries were packed with the local Buddhist residents in Mandalay. Starting from dawn, Waso-robe offering ceremonies, offering alms and releasing animals were seen. The residing Sayadaw and the monks recited sermons and delivered the teachings of Buddha at the respective religious edifices in each ward in Mandalay city.
The devout Buddhists offered flowers, water, candle lights and gold robes to Mahamuni Buddha Image in the early morning. They released fish into the ponds of the pagoda precinct and did many good deeds such as offering food. The pagodas were crowded with the Buddhists who were following religious practices. Buddhists chanting and reciting Dhamma were heard across the country.

Furthermore, pilgrims visited Sutaungpyay Pagoda on Mandalay Hill, Chanthargyi Chanthaya Pagoda, Kyauktawgyi Buddha Image, Candamuni Pagoda, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Aungtawmu Pagoda, Jade Pagoda and other religious monuments, did good deeds and prayed for wellbeing. Moreover, some well-wishers donated foodstuffs.
The prominent landmarks in Mandalay city, parks and U Bein Bridge were crowded with the homegrown visitors on the full moon day of Waso which fell on 12 July 2022. —Maung Aye Chan/GNLM

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