Yangon taxi fares surge due to fuel challenges, highway bus fares remain stable

As reported by taxi users, commuters in Yangon City are facing escalated taxi fares this December due to challenges in acquiring fuel.
While fuel procurement was typically routine in Yangon, this month has presented some obstacles. However, a private car owner in Latha Township mentioned to GNLM that there was a sufficient fuel supply for private cars in the past. Instances of fuel acquired at gas stations being resold in the black market have been reported, prompting authorities to take action against these illicit fuel transactions.
Between 5 and 14 December, authorities seized 69,909 gallons of fuel and 11 bowsers, amounting to K735 million, for unauthorized fuel storage and distribution.
Taxi fares have significantly increased, especially for vehicles using octane and gas. For instance, a regular taxi fare for a trip between Pabedan Township and Lanmadaw Township, which was previously K3,000, has surged to K5,000. Passengers have reported paying K15,000 for a one-way trip from Yangon downtown to Sawbwagyigon.
According to reports, highway bus fares in Yangon City have remained unchanged despite the rise in taxi fares. For example, the Yangon-Aunglan route, covering a 200-mile distance, still charges K15,000. Bogale-Dala and Bogale-Maubin-Hlinethaya, which cover 85 and 95 miles, respectively, set K6,000 per passenger.
Passengers taking indirect routes to Dagon-Ayeya highway bus terminal may pay K8,000/9,000 per person when relying on brokers. Bus stations are required to pay brokers K2,000/K3,000 for each person they carry.
Despite the high taxi fares, highway bus fares in Yangon City have reportedly remained unchanged. For the 400-mile journey from Yangon to Aungban, average bus fares are K25,000 per passenger, while special buses offering additional services maintain fares at K35,000 per passenger. Residents in Aungban have reported that these fares have not changed between last year and this year. — TWA/ TMT

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