Yaw Sayadaw reverently worships Buddha’s omniscience with 100-tical gold to Shwedagon in simple ceremony

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The donations of over 100 ticals of gold to Shwedagon Pagoda in progress on 27 February.

Yaw Sayadaw, Tipiṭakadhara Tipiṭakakovida, Tipiṭakadhara Dhammabhanḍāgārika, Aggamaha Pandita Bhaddanta Sīrindābhivaṃsa, donated over one viss of gold to Shwedagon Pagoda and the ceremony was held without any ostentation as per the wish of the Sayadaw, said lay attendant U Win Thein on the Facebook.

To offer gold plates to the Shwedagon Pagoda in the highest devotion to the Buddha’s omniscience, Yaw Sayadaw donated a viss of pure gold, 1 golden coin and the state-awarded Thiri Pyanchi Title (6-tical gold) to Shwedagon Pagoda trustees and Regional Chief of Religious Affairs on the morning of 27 February.

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Members of the Myanmar cybercommunity were greatly ecstatic, and their expressions of appreciation such as “Sadu, Sadu, Sadu” spread to every corner of many Facebook pages and posts.

“We published the news of Yaw Sayadaw’s donation of gold to Shwedagon Pagoda. We wished people to joyfully recite “Sadu, Sadu, Sadu” when they saw and heard it. Some people complained that they had not been able to attend the ceremony.  The owner family of a gold shop that has been successful in Yangon for centuries who are Sayadaw’s close donors addressed appropriately to Sayadaw and they donated as the Sayadaw wished,” U Win Thein wrote.

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Three trustees, including U Win Thein. were brought before the Sayadaw in early February and ordered to donate all gold to the pagoda.

“In all procedures from beginning to end regarding this donation, we followed the Sayadaw’s instructions  to carry it out in a simple manner without any superficial show,” he wrote.

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