YCDC collects waste in municipal area daily

Sanitation workers collect waste along road in Yangon City.

The Environment Management In-charge Team of Yangon City Development Committee collects the waste daily discarded in Yangon City with the strength of 2,700 day shift workers and 1,500 night shift workers.
YCDC collects more than 2,500 tonnes of waste a day and disposes them by truck for 212 times in the day and 200 times during night at Hteinbin landfill. The YCDC staff operate garbage collection system in accordance with the district areas.
The officials put 1,590 660-litre dust bins, 346 240-litre dust bins and 127 dumps in seven townships of Eastern District as local people discard 624.5 tonnes of waste a day. The sanitation workers collect the waste with the use of 224 garbage carts. They operate the system 48 times in the daytime and 49 times at night.
Nine townships in Western District throw 458.74 tonnes of waste a day. The officials place 1,482 660-litre bins, 342 240-litre bins and 49 dumps. The YCDC staff collect the garbage with the use of 382 garbage carts and dispose the waste with trucks for 30 times in daytime and 39 times at night daily.
Similarly, nine townships of Southern District also discard about 480 tonnes of waste daily. There are 1,810 660-litre bins, 560 240-litre bins and 121 dumps there. The workers collect the waste with the use of 382 carts and dispose them for 46 times in the daytime and 41 times at night with trucks daily.
Moreover, 1,883.4tonnes of waste is thrown in eight townships in Northern District. There are 1107 660-litre bins, 537 240-lire bins and 266 dumps. The workers collect the waste using 272 cars and the garage trucks dispose the dumps for 88 times in the daytime and 71 times at night.
Moreover, YCDC will establish the very first Waste to Energy and Energy to Biogas plant near Hteinbin dumpsite in Hlinethaya Township applying Poland techniques. More than 1,000 tonnes of waste out of 1,500 tonnes will be processed to produce compress natural gas, according to the committee.— Pwint Thitsar/GNLM

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