YGH prepares special treatment for heatstroke during Thingyan

According to Specialist Dr Cho Thazin Phoo of Yangon General Hospital, special treatment for heatstroke will be provided during the Maha Thingyan Festival in Yangon Region. Every year, the emergency treatment department of YGH prepares for emergencies during the Myanmar New Year festival.
“Yangon General Hospital has readied treatment methods, medications, and special rooms for heat-related illnesses. Heatstroke is common during the Thingyan Festival, particularly among children, older people, and individuals using drugs or alcohol. Additionally, arrangements have been made, including accommodation for the treatment of regular patients since private clinics are typically closed during the water festival,” said Dr Cho Thazin Phoo.
As the water festival coincides with a period of high temperatures, the Ministry of Health advises the public to seek shade under trees, in parks, pavilions, and well-sheltered buildings from 11 am to 4 pm to avoid harmful ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, they recommend controlling alcohol consumption, as high alcohol levels in the body can pose risks. — ASH/MKKS

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