YSX sees bear market in August

Businesspersons checking board of share prices at Yangon Stock Exchange.

The continuous and block trading of the eight listed companies on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) showed trading decline with 509,827 shares worth K1.3 billion in August 2023 compared to those of July, according to the monthly report released by the exchange.
The equity market showed an upward trajectory with the total trading value of K2.068 billion from 958,368 shares traded in July.
At present, shares of eight listed companies — First Myanmar Investment (FMI), Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings (MTSH), Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB), First Private Bank (FPB), TMH Telecom Public Co Ltd (TMH), the Ever Flow River Group Public Co, Ltd (EFR), Amata Holding Public Co, Ltd. (AMATA) and Myanmar Agro Exchange Public Co, Ltd (MAEX) — were traded in the security market.
The total trading volumes were recorded 20,197 shares of FMI worth K180.78 million, 175,331 shares of MTSH worth K546.82 million, 1,834 shares of MCB worth K13.96 million, 192,843 shares of FPB worth over K309.34 million, 1,001 shares of TMH worth K2.4 million, 34,160 shares of EFR worth K78.67 million, 957 shares of AMATA worth K4.67 million and 83,504 shares of MAEX worth K160.2 billion respectively last month.
The share prices per unit stood at K9,500 for FMI, K3,250 for MTSH, K8,100 for MCB, K1,700 for FPB, K2,450 for TMH, K2,300 for EFR and K4,900 for AMATA and K1,900 for MAEX on the last day of August 2023.
Furthermore, block trading of YSX can be done with the minimum order quantity (10,000 stocks) or with the stocks of trading value of K30 million starting from 1 September 2022.
Next, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar (SECM) has allowed foreigners to invest in the local equity market since 20 March 2020, in order to entail better capital inflows, long term and sustainable investment, encourage good corporate governance, and support market orientation.
“Most of the people like to keep emergency savings and purchase the safe haven asset like gold rather than make investment in the equity market as they do not know clearly how the stocks work,” a market observer pointed out.
The YSX disseminates rules and regulations regarding the stock exchange and knowledge of share trading through stock investment webinars, YSX YouTube Channel and other social media platforms, along with offering training courses. — KK

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