112 Bengalis including 12 children without official documents arrested

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A total of 112 Bengalis, including 12 children, without any official documents, were arrested near Kadonlay island in Bogale township, according to the Myanmar police force.
After interrogation, it was learnt that they were on their way from Rakhine State to Malaysia.
The Bogale township Court sentenced 35 persons aged over 18 to five years imprisonment. Thirteen persons under 18 were ordered to be detained at Hnget-Aw-San Youth Training School until they were 20 years old.
The police also arrested 48 Bengalis near Kadonlay island in Bogale township on 31 October and 68 Bengalis near Nyaunghnapin Zone 1 in Hlegu township on 28 November. — TWA/MKKS

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