2023 Myanmar-China Media Forum held in Yangon

The 2023 Myanmar-China Media Forum was held at Wyndham Grand Yangon located in Yangon Region’s Mingala Taungnyunt township on 24 November. It was attended by Mr Zheng Zhihong, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and the embassy staff, Chinese media and Myanmar media. Mr Zheng Zhihong gave an opening speech at the event.
In his opening speech, Mr Zheng Zhihong said China has established close diplomatic relations with many countries including neighbours and ASEAN nations; about the implementation of projects like Mekong-Lancang Cooperation aiming to help to prosper together with Asian countries including Myanmar; about the implementation of more than 100 projects as a part of Mekong-Lancang project including National Theatre Project and Thuwunna Stadium Project in Myanmar which is an important friend of China. He also explained China’s foreign affairs policy and cooperation in ensuring stability and the rule of law in Myanmar’s border areas.
Local media including the Media Development Department, Skynet Media and Yangon Media asked questions on China’s foreign affairs policy based on development and peace for neighbouring countries, about armed conflicts happening in the north east of Myanmar, about China’s plans which can help maintain the stability of border areas and issuing correct information so that false information will be eliminated.
Mr Zheng Zhihong responded to the media questions that Myanmar is China’s important friend and since Chinese President Mr Xi Jinping made his historic visit to Myanmar in 2010, China has always opposed actions and organizations which aim to make Myanmar unstable using China’s territory and China’s policy was never changed. He added that China has constantly worked on ensuring stability and the rule of law in border areas in collaboration with Myanmar government, China doesn’t want to see instability in Myanmar’s border areas. He concluded that they would record all positive discussions and suggestions between the two countries’ media. — ASH/ZS

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