600 container ships arrive at terminals in Yangon Port and Thilawa Port as of Dec third week

A total of 600 container ships carrying many containers docked at terminals in Yangon between January and the third week of December 2022, Myanma Port Authority’s statistics showed.
The number of cargo ships entering terminals at Yangon Port and Thilawa Port stands at 49 in January, 48 in February, 50 in March, 52 in April, 54 in May, 53 in June, 49 in July, 55 each in August and September, 50 in October, 51 in November and 34 until 19 December respectively.
Additionally, 20 more cargo ships are slated to enter Yangon Port in the last week of December. Earlier, the larger ships had draft problems preventing their sailing on the Yangon River. The draft extension is up to 10 metres with the new navigation channel accessing the inner Yangon River and the international ocean liners can access the inner port for now.
Myanma Port Authority and Yangon inner terminals are providing services to ensure the fast and reliable cargo handling and withdrawal of the containers. Smooth freight flow of agriculture, livestock, finished industrial goods and other goods helps support the economic mechanism of the country. The five terminals in Yangon Port and two terminals in Thilawa Port play a pivotal role in the seaborne trade.
After customs procedures by Myanmar Customs, exports are carried out under Myanma Port Authority by presenting the necessary documents. The imported containers are temporarily stopped at the terminals and customers can claim them for withdrawal upon tax payments. — TWA/EMM

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