Actor Nay Htoo Naing’s promotion of tree planting in Chauk, one of the world hottest cities, sparks public interest

photo 2024 05 10 16 18 07
Land preparation at the Aung Mingalar field in Chauk, where 5000 trees will be planted. (Photo : Nay Htoo Naing -FB)

Film and video actor Nay Htoo Naing has been promoting tree planting in Chauk, Magway region, and many interested people have contributed, according to his posts on social media.

After his initial proposal to grow 5000 plants in the Aung Mingalar field in Chauk, which has been listed among the world’s 15 hottest cities, public interest has soared and his Facebook account has been flooded with donors.

“Nay Htoo Naing is a promoter of plantations. He is not the one who will grow and nurture these plants to become trees. Nay Htoo Aung is the one who will try to get the necessary support for the people and organizations that will take care of the trees. Whoever or whatever organization grows, our focus is to grow trees,” he informed the public on his social media page.

photo 2024 05 10 16 18 06
Land preparation at the Aung Mingalar field in Chauk, where 5000 trees will be planted. (Photo : Nay Htoo Naing -FB)

The contribution starts at around K50,000, for which Nay Htoo Naing regularly updates the list of donors and many fans follow with appreciative comments.

In addition to Aung Mingalarkone, he plans to grow trees in the surrounding area of the Chintaungma pagoda and thus he has contacted the groups who will maintain the plantation, he said.

At the Aung Mingalar field in Chauk, Magway region, land preparation has been commenced to grow 5000 trees of nine species, including padauk, star-flower, tamarind, gold mohur, kantkaw, laburmum and rain trees.

In previous years, the actor had also planted trees in some areas, including Chauk, to protect them from heat. With the hotter weather, attempts by various personalities and organizations to plant trees in many areas of Myanmar have been common this year.


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