Ancient unglazed clay-fired Jataka tablets at Bagan’s Ashayphatleik Pagoda, Anoutphatleik Pagoda eye study tours

Lawkananda Trustee Secretary U Htin Lin Oo said that people can come and study the ancient unglazed clay-fired Jataka tablets in Ashayphatleik Pagoda and Anoutphatleik Pagoda near Bagan’s Lawkananda Swetawmyat Pagoda, NyaungU Township, Mandalay Region.
The Ashayphatleik Pagoda and Anoutphatleik Pagoda are the works of the 11th century AD. It is reported that the ancient unglazed Jataka tablets were found during the clearing and repair of the broken brick ruins in the lower part of these two pagodas around 1905.
When it was originally built, there were connecting archways around the two pagodas.
Square-shaped Jataka (stories) tablets and old artefacts have been found inside the base and inner walls of the pagoda.
The Jataka tablets that were found were arranged regularly and placed under concrete roofs to prevent damage.
It has been found that the upper part of the Anoutphatleik Pagoda is similar to the Seinnyetnyima Pagoda.
To the southwest of Ashayphatleik Pagoda and Anoutphatleik Pagoda are situated Lawkananda Sweltawmyat Pagoda and the monument to Myanmar’s tallest woman Daw Zee Kwet (Zee Kwet Sein), to the south Lawkananda Garden and to the north Seinnyetahma Pagoda, Kyaukmyethmaw Pagoda, Apalyadana Pagoda and Nagayon Pagoda. — Dipa Lin/KTZH


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