Announcement for NCA-signatory ethnic armed organizations

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The NLD extremists and their organized terrorist groups committed bomb attacks on hospitals, schools and religious buildings and killed the people in some cities after Tatmadaw had assumed the State responsibilities due to the State of Emergency on 1 February, and security forces and dutiful people work together to arrest the suspects.
Between 1 February and 30 December 2021, there were 3,751 violent incidents in some cities and the security forces arrested 1,492 terrorists and seized 133 weapons, 1,693 rounds of ammunition, 28 grenades, 217 homemade mines and other explosives. Moreover, the police also detained 9,958 terrorists and seized 3,417 firearms, 161,500 rounds of ammunition, 647 grenades, 6,895 homemade mines and other related materials in time.
Due to these measures, they uncovered the main terrorist groups that controlled the terrorist attacks in Yangon and cities of the southern part of the country. In 15 cases, there were 272 arrested suspects and the seizures of arms and ammunition were 228 various types of weapons, 27,228 bullets, 286 mines and grenades, including 44 pistols, eight .22 guns, 51 MK-12s, 30 M-16s, 15 M-22s, 55 AK-47s, 10 M4-A1s, five 56-1s and four M-79s.
According to the confession of suspects, they attended the explosive training at some brigades of KNU and there were 173 with exact name lists and there were some without exact name lists.
Most of the seized arms and ammunition are the ones imported to the country via the areas of KNU.
They are the remnants of some of the great countries that have aided and abetted post-Cold War and post-Cold War armed conflicts in South-East Asia.
Tatmadaw has strictly followed the NCA signed on 15 October 2015 and extended the nationwide ceasefire until 28 February 2022 to ensure peace.
The Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services has already said, “Tatmadaw will strictly abide by the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement in restoring the perpetual peace that is needed for the country and people,” during the meetings, discussions and ceremonies related to peace.
Moreover, peace-related matters are prioritized in the five-point roadmap and nine objectives of the State Administration Council and it also organized the National Unity and Peacemaking Central Committee, National Unity and Peacemaking Working Committee, National Unity and Peacemaking Coordination Committee to accelerate the peace processes and paved ways for effective measures for peace talks.
Therefore, the NCA-signatory ethnic armed organizations are urged to abide by the provisions in the NCA and to maintain their subordinates to adhere to the NCA. When breaching the points provided in the NCA, any necessary security measures will be undertaken for the stability of the State.

Information Team
State Administration Council

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