Arrival of kitchen goods at Bayintnaung warehouse decreases

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Very few traffics are seen on the road to the Bayintnaung Brokerage in Yangon on 6 August.

The arrival of trucks carrying rice, onions, and pepper, and edible oil at Yangon market in early August is getting less and less, according to the brokers and local buyers.
Around 25 vehicles per day, totalling 155 vehicles carrying onions from all over the country entered the market within the first week of July, but only 130 vehicles entered the market during the six opening days of early August. In the past, there were 40 to 50 onion trucks per day.
The rice and broken rice sent from all over the country are not only transported to
Bayintnaung but also to rice warehouses in the industrial zone and rice shops in the city. In the previous month, vehicles carrying rice came from Shwebo area but the arrival decreased in early August. Arrival of rice from the Ayeyawady Region, especially from Pathein has decreased.
The new monsoon rice has not come out yet, and only the old low grade rice is flowing into the Yangon market. Rice trucks along the Pyay-Yangon Highway often enter Yangon’s Bayintnaung market when the new rains arrive.
In addition to the rice sent by waterway, the high grade rice from Shwebo is stored not only in Bayintnaung but at warehouses of Yangon Wadan Port.
There are also direct exports from the port to rice shops in the townships of Yangon Region.
As most of the rice and edible oil shops in Bayintnaung are doing well, the workers’ wages are still being paid almost daily by the brokers. In particular, some palm oil shops are temporarily closed. The number of tankers drawing out oil from palm oil storage tanks in Yangon has decreased and the number of cars distributing oil to the countrysite has also decreased.
Vegetables and fruits from Shan State are shipped directly to Danyingon Market and New Thiri Mingala Market, and the goods for returns of vehicles are usually loaded at Bayintnaung bus terminal. At the beginning of August of this year’s rainy season, when the arrival of kitchen goods is low, the cross-border export is almost stopped.
Despite the nature of the rainy season, there is more consumption in the first rainy season this year, said a highway truck operator. Most of the foreign exports and imports are decreasing in these days and the trucking business is also decreasing.
Cargo terminals are located not only in Bayintnaung, but also in Yangon. It is seen that vehicles are often cleared at the potato and onion warehouses in Bayintnaung. Business people in Bayintnaung said that in recent months, the scenes of loading and unloading vehicles parked on the road in Bayintnaung brokerage are no longer seen.
It is said that during the rainy season, when crops are being exported abroad, there will be an increase in the number of cars incoming and outgoing to Bayintnaung brokerage, and they are waiting for development of brokerage and bus terminal operation businesses.—TWA/GNLM

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