16 Bengalis without official documents arrested under the law

The authorities arrested 16 Bengalis without legal evidences under the immigration law in Mindon Township of Thayet District on 6 August.
Acting on tip-off that five suspects were detained near Sapadan Village of Mindon Township at 3 pm on 6 August, a combined team comprising departmental officials inspected them. Meanwhile, the NgakhuOh village administrator informed officials about finding 11 more suspects near NgakhuOh village, eight miles northwest of Sapadan village.
Those 16 suspects were taken to the office of Mindon Township Police Force and placed under investigation. They were Muhamnur (a) Zaw Zaw, 18, Nurmamauk (a) Shwe Maung, 22, Muhamud Ining (a) Aye Naing, 22 and Hadir Husawn (a) Kyaw Kyaw Naing, 18 from Thantawli Village of Sittway Township, Zamau Alein (a) Aung Kyaw Hla, 13 from Tansat Village of Minbya Township, Zawya Laudein (a) Zaw Zaw, 18, Sauzutir, 22, Adulalee, 20, and Nusachap (a) Maung Maung, 22, Mamedtumong (a) Maung Maung Soe, 19 from Butalon Village of MraukU Township, Abutahir (a) Maung Maung Lay, 19, Mamattahir (a) Maung Maung Che, 27, Ussothe (a) Kyaw Naing, 26, Mutarik (a) Kyaw Win Maung, 18, Mamed Saulem (a) Maung Maung Kyaw, 18 and Armadulla (a) Nay Myo Khaing, 15 from Tansat Village of Minbya Township.
According to the investigation, as they entered the region without any documents, the Township Irrigation Department took action against them under Sections 6 (2) and 6(3) of the Myanmar Registration Act 1949.—TWA/GNLM

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