As the strength of the nation lies within, and only when public cooperation is better, will the emphasis be placed on the development of the nation: Senior General

The prosperity of the nation and food sufficiency is a national vision of the country, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in a meeting with ministers of Yangon Region Government and officials at the regional government office yesterday afternoon.
Report on salient points of the region and development tasks
The Chief Minister of Yangon Region reported to the Senior General on salient points of the region, sabotage events, control measures of security forces under the law, development tasks of social, health, economic, agriculture and livestock sectors, implementation of the Pankhinn project and beautifying of the region.
Continuous running of all work mechanisms for improvement of the nation
Speaking at the meeting, the Senior General stressed the need to continuously carry out all sectors including agriculture and livestock tasks, education and health measures which are the primary requirement for the State. It is necessary to turn out a large number of educated human resources for the development of the nation. The census released in 2019 showed the weakness in the education sector. It is regrettable that although the government reopens schools for the learning of students, terrorists pose threats to and kill educational staff and students and destroy teaching aid and educational buildings arranged for the learning of students. It can be said that those terrorists destroy the country, leaving many losses to students, parents and the State.

Economic development is a must as the main drive
In building a country, political stability and unity will reflect strong politics as well as strong military might and security might will build a powerful defence capability. The two capabilities depend on economic capability. Hence, it is necessary to boom the economy at the township, district, region and state levels. The prosperity of the nation and food sufficiency is a national vision of the country. As food sufficiency will contribute to the development of the nation, arrangements must be made for economic development. While the government is striving for an efficient supply of electricity, all the people need to efficiently use electricity. Officials need to help the people change the use of electronic equipment saving electricity.
Only when a country emphasizes manufacturing of products at home rather than importation, will spending on foreign exchange and trade deficit be reduced. Two previous governments faced a large amount of trade deficit.
Union system based on democracy and federalism and peace
Currently, the government holds peace talks with ethnic armed organizations to restore internal peace. The multiparty democratic system must be correctly implemented to build the Union based on democracy and federalism. The countries exercising federalism are using the administrative system suitable for them. Peace talks will continue with ethnic armed organizations. Good results came out of the peace talks with EAOs. Strenuous efforts will be made for the restoration of the nation through proper peace talks.
Killing under terror acts is not accepted in the international arena. The government solves the political instability under the law of democratic practices. Some EAOs cannot participate in the talks for various reasons. In line with the firm implementation of two political visions, the government further invites the remaining groups to hold talks.
Public service personnel must dutifully serve their assignments
As the strength of the nation lies within, and only when public cooperation is better, will the emphasis be placed on the development of the nation. Hence, public service personnel from departmental organizations must conscientiously discharge duties to be able to win the trust of the people. Only when they associate with each other respectfully in workplaces will all missions accomplish. At the construction site of Myanmar-Korea friendship Dala Bridge, Union Minister for Construction U Shwe Lay reported on the history of the project and the progress of the project implementation.
In his responses, the Senior General stressed the need to take the long-term existence of the bridge and the preventive measures of natural disasters into consideration. Officials need to estimate the height of waterway clearance for safely driving watercraft. And, efforts must be made to the completion of the prioritized measures.
The Senior General and party inspected the construction of main bridge pylon 2 on Yangon bank of the project site where officials conducted the Senior General and party round the progress of works.
In his goodwill visit to the Republic of Korea in 2012, President U Thein Sein discussed the implementation of a Myanmar-Korea Friendship Bridge construction project in Myanmar with his counterpart. The project commenced in 2013 and construction started in 2015. It will be on a cable-stayed bridge. Upon completion, the bridge will help local people from Yangon have easy access to Dala, Twantay, Kawhmu and Kungyangon townships, lessening the traffic congestion of Yangon to some extent. — MNA

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