Black gram, pigeon pea prices hit fresh peaks

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The photo shows a shop of pulses and beans in the Yangon market.

Prices of black grams and pigeon peas moved up in Yangon’s pulses market.
The price of black gram (FAQ/RC) bounced back to over K2.3 million per tonne after 28 days of fall, while the pigeon pea price was above K3 million per tonne on 29 July. Approximately 130 containers (3,120 tonnes) of black gram were traded between 1 and 29 July 2023.
The price of black gram hit a new record high at K2.461 million per tonne on 1 June 2023 in the past eight years. Thereafter, the price declined.
Similarly, the price of pigeon peas peaked at K3.33 million per tonne on 5 June 2023. Then, the price plunged to under K3 million per tonne on 21 July. The price fluctuated around K3 million per tonne between 24 and 27 July and rebounded to above K3 million on 29 July.
The FOB prices were US$990-110 per tonne for black grams and $1,240-1,260 in June 2023.
The newly harvested pigeon peas will flow into the market at the end of the year as pigeon pea is grown in the central Myanmar region from May. Black gram is cultivated under the mixed farming system after the harvest season of the monsoon paddy. The black gram usually enters the market in the early months of the year.
Prices plummeted to K300,000 per tonne of pigeon peas and K400,000 per tonne of black grams owing to the market suspension resulting from India’s policy changes in mid-2017. Six years later, the market raised its head and the pulses growers received a handsome profit. — TWA/EM

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