CBM discusses international non-profit money transfers, border trading banking, and illegal transfers

A meeting on remittance to Myanmar by international non-profit organizations, the use of the banking system for border trading and taking action against illegal money transfers was held at the Central Bank of Myanmar yesterday.
The meeting was organized by the Working Group on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism.
During the meeting, Working Group Chairperson Central Bank of Myanmar Governor Daw Than Than Swe discussed the fast verification of remittance of international non-profit organizations, not delays, measures to ensure the banking system instead of cash at border trade camps and to take actions against the illegal money remittance.
Similarly, the meeting focused on drafting a report based on the discussion of the Asia-Pacific Joint Group (APJG) on the 9th Myanmar AML/CFT implementation progress report, sectoral risk assessments of six supervisory groups reported to the central group by National Strategy 3 Against Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism Supervisory Committee, findings, weakness and future work plans.
Moreover, the members who attended the Plenary Session of APJG in India on 7 and 8 September reported on their experiences to the meeting and the progress report to be submitted to APJG in November 2023. — ASH/KTZH

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