Chilli pepper traders likely to achieve profit potential

432023 sskm
Chilli pepper bags seen being prepared to be distributed to the domestic market.

Wholesalers who collect large quantities of chilli peppers at low prices might reap a great profit this year.
Yangon’s commodity market saw price decreases of tamarind and chilli pepper in 2023. When the new tamarind price rose in early 2024, the prices of new chilli peppers remained on a downward trend.
The figures for kitchen supplies in the Yangon market in mid-March 2024 showed that only chilli pepper prices were lower than those of the year-ago period. Low prices barely affect consumers amid low consumption. Although it can benefit the wholesalers, growers will earn less income.
Buyers are barely seen in the market, the depot owners said.
The wholesale prices of long chilli peppers moved in the range between K6,000 and K8,200 per viss on 15 March. Additionally, Moehtaung chili pepper fetched K8,800 per viss. Bell pepper prices were K10,800-K14,500 per viss.
The prices stood at K10,000-K13,500 per viss for chilli pepper and K12,000-K13,000 for bell pepper in the corresponding period last year.
There is less chance for traders to face losses in 2024, unlike the unfortunate event of 2023.
Chilli pepper price is expected to increase depending on exports like onion. Transport disruption at borders hindered chilli pepper exports this month.
The prices hit an all-time high of K20,000 per viss of Moehtaung chilli pepper processed in cold storage and K31,000 for bell pepper processed in cold storage in late 2022. — TWA/KK

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