Create a happy society for older persons in Myanmar

Myanmar stands apart from other nations due to its flourishing four cardinal virtues: affection, compassion, empathetic joy, and detachment. Regardless of racism, religion, doctrine, or localism, the people of Myanmar can associate with each other peacefully, intertwining these virtues. One noteworthy aspect of Myanmar society is its tradition of paying respect to elders and giving priority to senior citizens who have dedicated their lives to serving the community. These older individuals have carried the traditions and legacy of society, ensuring its longevity and strength.
In light of their contributions and long-lasting lives, it is essential for everyone in Myanmar society to extend loving-kindness towards older persons. During their sunset years, they deserve attention, priority, and empathy from the community in recognition of their past sacrifices and services. Offering a helping hand to the elderly enables them to spend this phase of their lives joyfully.
To begin with, everyone must show empathy and compassion towards the older members of their own families. As parents grow older each day, their children should express gratitude for the protection and support they provided throughout their lives. This debt of gratitude can never be fully repaid.
Moreover, the government provides social pensions to individuals above 85 years of age, offering financial assistance for their needs. Nevertheless, children should provide even greater support and compassion to their parents. Likewise, the wider Myanmar society should lend a helping hand to the elderly, allowing them to navigate the remaining paths of life with ease. Such acts of kindness serve as noble and meritorious deeds, fostering positive cycles within the community.
It is crucial for everyone to recognize that they too will grow older one day, provided they are fortunate enough to experience a long life. This is because people worldwide often lose their lives at different ages. Therefore, during the period when individuals can stand tall in their own lives, it is imperative that they exhibit warm kindness towards one another, free from any attachments. By doing so, they can shape a happy and pleasant society, establishing it as a cherished tradition for future generations.
That is why Myanmar society thrives on the values of affection, compassion, empathetic joy, and detachment. This society holds a deep respect for older persons, acknowledging their contributions and dedications. It is the responsibility of each individual to extend loving-kindness towards the elderly, both within their families and throughout society. By supporting and empathizing with older persons, Myanmar can foster a society that values and cherishes its elders, ultimately shaping a happy and fulfilling community for all.

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