Dapein (1) Hydropower Company Limited Gave Assistance to New Employees to Lay a Solid Foundation for Employment

Dapein (1) Hydropower Company Limited recently held the Kick-off Meeting of Education and Training for New Employees in 2023. The purpose of this training is further to strengthen the young talents cultivation of the company, as well as to help the new Myanmar employees to successfully change their roles, better perform their duties, and shoulder the mission of enterprise development, thus forming the localized talent cultivation characteristics of “profound foundation and strong ability with emphasis on practices” as soon as possible. This training covers a wide range of rich contents, and the training course consists of various aspects, such as corporate culture, rules and regulations, safety education, working process and quality system.
Dapein (1) Hydropower Company Limited is a joint venture company registered and established by China Datang Corporation and the Ministry of Electric Power in Myanmar, which is dedicated to serving the investment, construction and operation of power projects in Myanmar. Given that the company has attached great importance to training the younger generation of electric power talents in Myanmar, the kick-off meeting was held simultaneously in two languages of Myanmar and Chinese. During the meeting, a promotional video of China Datang Corporation was demonstrated to publicize the basic enterprise system and introduce occupational safety training. The leaders expressed their wishes to new employees to cherish their work, abide by the enterprise system, and pay attention to the ability of work execution. The leaders also hope that new employees can quickly integrate into the enterprise and learn skills as fast as they can to reflect their own values and create social values. After the meeting, the new employees expressed their deep understanding of the green development concept and people-oriented corporate culture of China Datang Corporation, and they had a more clearly understanding towards the future work orientation and became more confident in good working performance.
Dapein (1) Hydropower Company Limited showed the determination to build the ladder for new employees to achieve self-development in all directions and guide new employees to adapt to the latest work in all aspects. The company also expressed the idea that good communication between the enterprise and employees should be strengthened, and the quality and efficiency of cultivating localized talents should be continuously improved to contribute more to the prosperity and development of Myanmar’s energy undertakings.

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