DAPEIN I Hydropower Station Safely Operating for 4,000 Days

As of 16 June 2023, DAPEIN I Hydropower Station has been operating safely for 4,000 days continuously, and the accumulated power generation has exceeded 10 billion kWh, setting a new record for long-term safe production and stable operation since the station was put into operation.
DAPEIN I Hydropower Station, the first hydropower station project invested in and operated by China Datang Corporation in Myanmar, is 40 kilometres away from Bhamo, the second largest city in northern Myanmar. Since all units were put into operation in December 2010, the station has always adhered to the principle of “Safety-first and Prevention-focused Operation and Comprehensive Management”, and vigorously promoted the construction of intrinsically safe enterprises, gradually forming a safety management system covering personnel, equipment, environment and regimes.
Up to now, DAPEIN I Hydropower Station has delivered 620 million kWh of free electricity to the Bhamo area, which has greatly improved the situation of local people’s electricity consumption, invigorated the local economic development and raised people’s living standards, thus making positive contributions to promoting the good-neighbourly relations between China and Myanmar and driving the development of Sino-Myanmar electric power cooperation.

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