Difficulties to get water persist despite strong supply in Lanmadaw

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Water pump pipes are seen in an apartment in Lanmadaw Township.

Yangon was being supplied water by the Gyophyu, Phugyi and Ngamoeyeik reservoirs through pipelines. Most apartments in Lanmadaw Township encountered difficulties in filling water for being the last township to get water.
In addition to the water supply from those reservoirs, there are underground wells in most of the streets in the township. Some even have a couple of underground wells. Water from underground wells is filled up into pipelines.
Water pumps are used to pump water from underground wells twice a day and the people in the streets are being informed about the time of water pumping, said Ma Nyein, a resident of 16th Street. A motor is used to pump water in the morning.
If there is water in the pipelines, it can be loaded. Otherwise, those who fetch water at that time will lose their sleep because they are not sure of getting water. If they fetch water in the middle of the day, groundwater is mostly available rather than the water from the Gyophyu Reservoir.
Authorities dug artisan wells in Min Ye Kyaw Swar Road, (East of the Pyay Road) in Lanmadaw Township to get underground water, and gave a strong water supply through pipelines.
There are new blue pipelines in addition to the old iron pipes in Lanmadaw Township. These pipelines exist in parallel on each side of the streets, a resident Ko Thet Win told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
Even in this rainy season, there are cases where water cannot be loaded in some lanes of the Lanmadaw Township. Some apartment owners applied to the water department of the township to run a new water pipe to their apartments.
Due to similar cases in apartments, mechanics and plumbers are getting busy. If one has to replace a new motor, the current price of a new motor has doubled from the previous year.
Due to the access to the salty water or the difficulties in water loading, residents have to buy big bottles of purified water worth K1,000 per each, for the use of drinking and cooking in some high-rise apartments.
Most tenants often moved to the townships where private underground wells existed, because they cost extra charges for buying purify water, motor charges and pipeline repair costs, the GNLM quoted a tenant Ma Win Win in Sanchaung Township.
Therefore, the people who are facing water problems are saying that they want the relevant authorities to take action on the lack of water supply in Lanmadaw Township.
Ko Aung Kyi, a resident in the Sint Oh Dan (Lower Lane) Street said to GNLM that most of the lanes in Lanmadaw Township lack water despite the strong water supply, unlike Latha Township. — TWA/GNLM

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