DSAC’s verdicts must be worth enough to reference

The verdicts passed by the Dispute Settlement Arbitration Council (DSAC) must be worth enough for State and Region Dispute Settlement Arbitration Councils to take as references in settling disputes, the deputy minister for Labour said in a meeting with council members, Yangon Region arbitration council members, representatives of employers and workers on 21 September.
He also said the council should continue to strive to become a reliable organization for employers and employees.
Many of the disputes that arise between employers and employees are settled satisfactorily at the Workplace Coordinating Committee (WCC), contributing to workplace stability, he said. The disputes failed to reach agreements at WCC are referred to township level arbitration teams or special arbitration teams for reaching settlements.
The township level arbitration teams are supposed to solve the disputes of interests while disputes relating to rights are to be solved by relevant departments.
The Dispute Settlement Arbitration Council is to investigate and decide the cases that do not reach agreements at township level arbitration process and to reach fair settlements that benefit both employers and employees without abusing the authority of the council.
The disputes not relevant to settle under the Settlement of Labour Dispute Law are subjected to other relevant laws and the employers and employees are needed to be informed about it, the deputy minister said.
He also said the ministry is working to form WCCs in every factory and workplace as good coordination at WCC level could reduce the number of disputes. The officials responsible for arbitration are educating employers and employees about causes of disputes, practices of factories and workplaces that maintain good workplace relation while exchanging experience between them to boost their arbitration capacity. — TWA/TH

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