Egg price surges in early August

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Some chicken and duck eggs were seen being sold in the market.

The prices of chicken eggs and duck eggs rise in early August. The price of a chicken egg is only K200 in the previous month, but it became K230-K240 an egg these days. Similarly, the price of a duck egg goes up from K200 to K250-K260 for big ones.
During this month, the prices of chicken and duck eggs surged as much as rice, oil and other kitchen goods which were bought by people on a daily basis.
Although egg prices soar up in market stalls in Lanmadaw Township where sellers come from Kyaiklat, the price of the eggs at shopping centres remains unchanged. “One can still buy K2,000-K2,150 per 10-egg pack weighing 60 grammes per egg based on brand names at regular price,” said a customer.
Usually, the price at shopping centres goes up only after a few days of price changes in outdoor markets have occurred. Likewise, the rate of some palm oil bottles from centres was lesser than the ones from outdoor markets. Thus, competitive items from shopping centres were often out of stock owing to the increased demand. Some brands of five-litre bottles of edible oil are being sold at a bargain price of K2,600 per bottle.
It is learnt that the rising prices of livestock feed and high transport costs caused an increase in egg prices. According to a grocery store owner from Mahlaing Township, prices hiked by about K20-K30 per egg in Yangon in addition to in upper regions. — TWA/GNLM

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