Elephants in Myanmar boast greater intelligence, cognitive ability than African elephants

Minbu 5 sskm
Photo shows elephants delight in refreshing baths at Shwesettaw Mann Creek. Photo: Maung Maung (Minbu)

The elephants in Myanmar, Asian elephants have high intelligence and memorization despite their smaller size than African elephants. Moreover, they are more adaptable to the environment than the African elephants, said U Tint Lwin, Magway Region Chief Minister during the World Elephant Day event held at the elephant camp at Shwesettaw Mann Creek in Minbu (Sagu) Township of Mandalay Region yesterday.
He continued that there are only Asian and African elephants left in the world. World Elephant Day is celebrated by over 100 organizations to draw attention to the plight of these majestic creatures to populations and cultures all over the world and also to preserve and protect their places.
The Extraction Department under Myanma Timber Enterprise of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation runs 23 elephant conservation-based tourism camps (ECBT) including the Shwesettaw Mann Creek elephant camp.
Then, the region chief minister provided basic foodstuffs to the elephant camp staff and made elephant feed donations for 12 elephants in camp and the elephants enjoyed a buffet.
The theme of this year is Bringing the World Together to Help Elephants. — Maung Maung (Minbu)/KTZH

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