Japanese companies to recruit more than 1200 Myanmar workers

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Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo

More than 400 Japanese companies will provide jobs for more than 1200 Myanmar workers, according to a statement issued by the Myanmar Embassy in Japan.

The Myanmar embassy has carried out verification of demand letters organized in order of date of receiving reply from Japan companies and the statement says about 403 demand letters that were received until 5 March 2024 and submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after verified.

According to the statement, more than 400 Japanese companies would employ up to 330 Myanmar male workers and up to 940 Myanmar female workers, totalling more than 1200 Myanmar workers. The embassy said it has carried out verification of demand letters sent by the Ministry of Labour via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It verifies whether labour supervisory company and factories or companies which offered jobs in Japan are officially established or not, and re-submits its findings and remarks to the Ministry of Labour through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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