Enhanced conservation efforts planned for Dugongs

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Water hogs or dugongs or sea cows facing the threat of extinction seen in a coastal area of Myanmar.

The measures to conserve water hog or dugong, or sea cow, classified as level 1 among endangered aquatic animals found in the Ayeyawady and Rakhine coasts of Myanmar, will be increased, according to the Environment and Endangered Species Conservation Branch under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation.
“Currently, dugongs are facing extinction in our country and in more than 30 other countries. Myanmar designated to conserve this mammal and, we have designated them as a fully protected aquatic animal,” U Han Win, Staff Officer from the Environment and Endangered Species Conservation Branch, said.
Dugongs are marine mammals, and arrangements to survey them are more complex than those of dolphins, as the mammals are used to diving immediately and disappearing when they hear noises from nearby boats. Searching with a two-seater plane from above and diving and searching methods can be employed in surveying them.
“At present, it is still difficult to conduct a survey. Professionals are also needed. To carry out surveys like before, we will need overseas experts and technical support, but we will continue to increase relevant conservation works for the dugongs,” U Han Win said.
Dugongs often get entangled in fishing nets along the Rakhine and Ayeyawady coasts, get stranded, and die. They are commonly found around Manaung Island in Rakhine State and the upper part of Chaungtha Beach in Ayeyawady Region. — ASH/TH

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