Safeguarding nationality, language, religion, and education is a national cause, says Senior General

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State Administration Council Chair Premier Senior General Min Aung Hlaing receives the Dhamma present from the chairman of Young Men’s Buddhist Association (YMBA) yesterday.

The Senior General emphasized that safeguarding nationality, language, religion, and education is a national cause, and all citizens in the country are responsible for the flourishing of the national cause.
Permanent Honorary Patron of the Young Men’s Buddhist Association-YMBA Agga Maha Mangala Dhamma Jotikadhaja Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met members from the association (Central) at YMBA (Central) office in the precinct of Shwedagon Pagoda in Dagon Township of Yangon Region yesterday morning.
In his speech, the Senior General highlighted that YMBA has to strengthen the national spirit in order to train youths to be polite and shape a good society.
He continued to say that efforts must be made to encourage youths to have good morale and spirit to safeguard nationality, language, religions and education to reach a correct path of national spirit over the State and citizens.
He underscored that it is a severe condition for the future of the State that valuable new generation youths are on the wrong track of disturbing acts and are not participating in nation-building endeavours. Hence, YMBA needs to persuade those youths to get on the right track, he added.
The Senior General stressed that leaders of YMBA have to broaden the scope for training new generation youths to attain high capacity with physical and mental strengths while turning out the human resources for the State.
He noted that the association must be capable of leading the national cause but politics. Currently, those instigating terror acts and malicious media are committing to destroying the future of the State, not implementing national cause. Although equal terms of rights have been given to all ethnicities, initiating the politics without honesty sparks current ethnic armed conflicts, he added.
The Senior General disclosed that all citizens are responsible for defending the State, and Tatmadaw never accepts encroachment on Our Three Main National Causes. People must have physical and mental concepts for forging peace and stability in the nation.
To improve the five capacities of youths, he said that YMBA needs to consider that the People’s Military Service Law aims to safeguard Our Three Main National Causes, defined as a national duty of the State. Without comprehensively observing the law, some unscrupulous persons commit instigations based on fake news and misinformation. Hence, YMBA branches in all parts of the nation disseminate accurate information to the people.
He underlined that people can cultivate team spirit and teamwork through military service in order to shape a better nation. As YMBA plays an important role among social organizations, it needs to deeply emphasize safeguarding nationality, religion, language and education of the country, he noted.
Union ministers and officials reported on the dissemination of factual information about the People’s Military Service Law to the people and the participation of YMBA in the improvement of the role of youths and fostering Union spirit and national solidarity spirit among the citizens.
In his response to the discussions, the Senior General said that as the government emphasizes nation-building endeavours through a well-organized capacity, YMBA needs to strive to safeguard nationality, language, religion, education, and national solidarity as much as it can.
YMBA Chairman U Ye Tun presented a Dhamma gift to the Senior General, who warmly greeted those from teams formed for the prevention of natural disasters.
Before the ceremony, the YMBA chairman reported on the conducting of Abhidhamma and Buddhism courses across the nation, participation of YMBA members in public welfare tasks, formation of rescue and relief teams, a plan to construct a new YMBA (Central) building, and allotments of booths at the historical exhibition of the association.
Also present at the meeting were Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, council member Lt-Gen Nyo Saw, Union ministers, the Yangon Region chief minister, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, the commander of Yangon Command and officials. — MNA/TTA

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