Every Tatmadaw member must take training to be healthy and strong, follow military discipline and order for capacity building: Senior General

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State Administration Council Chairman Senior General Min Aung Hlaing is greeting the officers and other ranks from the Thabeikkyin Station yesterday.

The Tatmadaw’s main duty is to defend the State, and academic and skill training, as well as suitable training for respective ranks, are being given at respective training schools for the capacity building of every Tatmadaw member. And they need to serve dutifully as good soldiers in shouldering their duties, said State Administration Council Chairman Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in meeting with officers and other ranks from Thabeikkyin Station and trainees from the local advanced military training depot yesterday afternoon.
Speaking on occasion, the Senior General said when it comes to Tatmadaw training, such training courses are being conducted to promote the capacity of individual soldiers and to ensure that they are fully skilled and qualified in serving their duties. The Tatmadaw’s advanced military training depots are upgrading the skills of soldiers individually and in groups. Only if they can study the skills being taught during the course in a systematic manner, will they be able to apply them correctly in a practical field. Without enough strength in serving battlefield duties, they will not be able to perform their tasks dutifully. By undergoing correct training in individuals and groups, they need to stay as healthy and robust as they should as Tatmadawmen, the Senior General stressed.
Speaking about the soldiers and the Tatmadaw trying to become skilled and qualified, the Senior General said every Tatmadaw member is voluntarily serving in the Tatmadaw with their noble aim of protecting the State and the people without persuasion from anyone. As the skills and knowledge taught by the training schools are mainly theoretical, they should try to come to terms with the difficulties facing on the ground with their own initiatives. They need to review the difficulties they are facing and use their initiatives and wisdom to overcome them. Being able to do this requires knowledge, so they need to read knowledgeable books in their spare time. Discipline is the backbone of the Tatmadaw, and they must follow the discipline even in small things. They must follow the rules and disciplines adopted for the capacity building of individuals and their respective military units and act correctly. As they can work only when they are healthy, every soldier must train to be healthy and robust and endure hard work.
Speaking about the country’s political changes, the Senior General said that Tatmadaw had to take over State responsibilities as entrusted by the Pro Tem President due to the political situations. The Tatmadaw officially and legally requested those responsible for resolving massive vote-rigging in the 2020 multiparty democracy election. But there was no solution, and what’s more, there were attempts to grab State power. Consequently, the country has reached such a situation. The Tatmadaw is assuming State responsibilities just temporarily as the call for a demand. It is necessary to understand that the Tatmadaw is just controlling the country according to the 2008 Constitution. Except for seven townships with martial law imposition, other townships are under civilian rule. They are going with the government administrative machinery. So, everyone needs to shoulder their duties assigned. As the Tatmadaw is part of the State and the people, they must try to live and act as good soldiers trying their best to serve the interests of the country and the people, the Senior General commented. — MNA

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