Expand areas of forest reserves, protected forests


The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is blessed with forest coverage in 30 per cent of the country’s total area. In addition, 10 per cent of natural environmental protected areas were set as a pledge of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions according to the 30-year Forest Master Plan and Paris Climate Change Conference held in 2015.
The forest areas are home to flora and fauna including wildlife as natural resources of Myanmar. To be the existence of these forest areas, both the government and the people are responsible for conserving the plants and living beings without fail.
The country set 404,158 acres of forest reserves and 581,804 acres of protected land areas between 1 February 2021 and 1 February 2022. Hence, the government has established 43,111,705 acres of forest reserves, accounting for 25.79 per cent of the country’s total area as well as 10,750,625 acres of protected public forests, accounting for 6.43 per cent of the country’s total area.
For such doings, forests can reduce climate change, protect the biodiversity and endangered wildlife animals, plants and their habitats, make better ecosystem and enhance environmental services, conserve the waterway outlets and watershed areas, prevent natural disasters, preserve the natural resources and ensure sustainable development of forest resources.
Forests can initiate the ecosystem service for raising the tourism industry dubbed as the smokeless industry. As such, the conservation of forests can directly or indirectly create job opportunities for residents in various regions.
Conservation of forests is not only a cost-effective way to lessen climate change but also means that many other benefits including biodiversity, soil and water resources, pollination are provided to local communities and wider society.
Nowadays, forests are increasingly threatened by a wide range of pressures, including
deforestation, abuse of land, agricultural expansion, invasive alien species, severe droughts and wildfires. These impacts will affect not only the forest but residents. Hence, to be able to overcome these challenges, residents need to implement forest conservation in their regions as much as possible.
The country is decorated with forests to emerge the green societies. Only when people can expand green societies larger and larger will the weather be favourable for both living and non-living beings. According to the feedback scheme of nature, people will have the chance to enjoy the fruits of forest conservation as they do.

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