Exploring Bagan-era cloth paintings at Bagan Museum

According to officials from the Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Bagan branch), Bagan-era cloth paintings can be observed at the Bagan Archaeological Museum, located within the World Heritage Site in Nyaung-U Township, Mandalay Region.
Cloth paintings from the 12th century AD exhibited in the Bagan Archaeological Museum were unearthed on 2 March 1984 inside the Taungpon Lawkanahta Pagoda in Wetkyeeinn village by the Department’s field survey and enumeration team. These paintings underwent restoration at the antiques preservation and renovation centre in Italy from October 1986 to December 1987.
One of the cloth paintings depicts the 96th story from the 550 stories of the Buddha, narrating the journey of a prince from Varanasi to Gandhara. Despite facing the temptations of the ogress with whom he met on the way, he succeeded in overcoming them and ultimately reclaimed his throne. In contrast, his five brothers perished while succumbing to similar temptations.
The Bagan Archaeological Museum boasts several specialized galleries, including those dedicated to Bagan-era architecture, handicrafts, literature, daily life, Buddhist art, Buddha statues, and mural paintings, showcased across ten booths. – Dipalin/TKO

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