Fourth Amendment of the Ward or Village-Tract Administration Law

State seal of Myanmar.svg copyRepublic of the Union of Myanmar
State Administration Council
State Administration Council Law No (3/2021)
Fourth Amendment of the Ward or Village-Tract Administration Law

2nd Waxing of Tabodwe 1382ME
13 February 2021

1. The State Administration Council hereby enacts this Law according to Article 419 of the State Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
2. This Law shall be called the Fourth Amendment of the Ward or Village-Tract Administration Law.
3. The sub-section (g) of Section 13 of the Ward or Village-Tract Administration Law shall be substituted as follows:
(g) receiving and granting the information of guest list for overnight guests from other wards or village-tracts, inspecting the guest list and taking action if failed to inform the guest list;
4. After sub-section (c) of Section 16, sub-section (d) shall be added as follows:
(d) if it fails to carry out in accordance with sub-section (a), (b) and (c), the Township Administrator can assign a person to the duties of acting ward or village-tract administrators by seeking the permission of respective region or state administration councils or Nay Pyi Taw council.
5. Section 17 shall be substituted as follows:
17. The person residing in the ward or village-tract shall inform the relevant Ward or Village-Tract Administrator if any of the following cases arises
(a) coming and putting up as the overnight guest who is not listed in his family unit and is residing in other ward or village-tract.
(b) departure of the guest who comes and puts up.
6. Section 27 shall be substituted as follows:
27. Whoever fails to carry out duty contained in sections 17, 18 and 19 shall be punished with fine not exceeding ten thousand kyats. If default to pay the fine, he shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding seven days by the relevant court.
7. Subsections (b) and (c) of Section 28 shall be substituted as follows:
(b) subsidy to those temporarily appointed in accordance with sub-section (c) or (d) of Section 16
(c) lump-sum subsidy if he serves the entire term of duty efficiently;
8. Section 33 shall be substituted as follows:
33. The Ward or Village-Tract Administrator shall not collect any currency in respect of guest list information.
I hereby sign under Article 419 of the State Constitution.

Sd/ Min Aung Hlaing
Senior General
State Administration Council

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