Global Fisheries Forum and Seafood Expo Russia to benefit country’s livestock and agriculture sector

Global Fisheries Forum and Seafood Expo Russia, which will be held in the third week of September in Russia will focus on the improvement of Myanmar’s livestock and agricultural activities according to the relevant sector, and efforts will be made for the agricultural improvement according to the Myanmar Fisheries Federation.
White saltwater shrimp from Myanmar in the world market is being raised in Taninthayi Region and exported abroad.
If the market develops, 500 shrimp ponds will be extended to more than 2,000 to increase breeding and production. It will develop the interests of the two countries plus the export sector.
“It’s a global expo, and after listening to everyone’s discussion, we will focus on how they will cooperate with Myanmar in the seafood sector.
“The Fisheries Federation will attend Education and Business sectors in the forum.
“We will discuss manufacturing and re-exporting of the sea fish from their country in Myanmar as value-added products, technology and investment for aquatic products, and fish and shrimp breeding that will benefit the aquatic sector are to be discussed as well.
“We want to invite them to invest in Myeik Islands because it is a good place to breed blue and yellow tuna for the world market.
“Since it is a global forum, it is beneficial for Myanmar’s aquatic products, and we will try to develop these sectors,” said Senior Vice-President of the Myanmar Fisheries Federation Dr Toe Nandar Tin.
Myanmar, which is based on agriculture and livestock, has agricultural land, natural forest areas and four major rivers and sea coasts.
“Along with the main exports of rice, beans, corn, fresh water and saltwater products, the total cultivated land in Myanmar is more than 13 million hectares. In the technical sector, we are working hard to export the value-added products abroad in partnership with developed countries,” he added.
Southeast Asia is situated in the central area which is connecting big two oceans.
It plays an important role in the Indo-Pacific region because of connecting Asian countries and Asia-Pacific countries, and the centre became Russia.
From the upcoming Global Fisheries Forum and Seafood Expo, Myanmar-Russia bilateral economic relations will develop with stronger friendship, according to the reports. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/GNLM

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