Guidelines issued to protect animals from heatstroke

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The photo shows feeding cows in shade areas.

The Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department has issued a notification emphasizing the importance of protecting livestock from heatstroke.
The notification advises arranging shelters to shield animals from high temperatures and restricting grazing to the cooler evenings. Animals should be kept in shade areas during the day, provided with ample drinking water, and fed hydrated food to prevent heatstroke. If movement is necessary, the department recommends ensuring access to drinking water and shade areas, stocking up on straw and fresh grass in advance, administering vaccines regularly to prevent infectious diseases, and keeping firefighting equipment such as fire hooks, extinguishers, sand, and water buckets on farms and in food storage areas to mitigate fire risks.
Livestock owners are urged to report any unusual health events to the relevant administrative body, Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, or the Myanmar Livestock Federation. — TWA/TKO

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