Harmony to breeding farm development grabbing country’s aims

The government is accelerating agriculture and livestock farms in the country. The agriculture and breeding industries rely on each other and there should be proportionate development in these two sectors to meet the objectives of the country.
It produces for local consumption and export using a total of 20 per cent of freshwater farming and 80 per cent of seizures from the ocean, and the people are interested in freshwater farming more for lowering water resources, fuel difficulties in fish and prawn capturing processes in the sea and other difficulties. It needs correct and systematic farming techniques.
The development of the fish farming industry needs quality fingerlings, feed, fish hatchery water treatment, management and market. Moreover, it should prioritize the market by producing the needed fish and prawn demand according to the current global market.
The feed is crucial in breeding farms and the waste of winter sunflower, bean and summer paddy being cultivated under the arrangement of the government supporting the animal feed production. Therefore, the feed prices will be stable for having adequate raw materials in the country. As a consequence, the breeding industry can grab proper achievement for the price stability of fish and prawns in the marine product market.
“The major thing we need to develop the breeding sector is feed. If the raw material prices are high, the production rate can decline. The government provides the needed materials to plant the sunflower and soybean more in the country without importing from foreign countries. We need bran to feed fish and prawns and maize for chicken. We preserve the bran to maintain the protein and soybean powder to increase the amino acid. Therefore, if we carry out a harmony of agriculture and breeding farms and work for the needs of the breeding sector, it will develop as per the aim of the country,” said an official of the Myanmar Fisheries Federation.
It should draft special plans for the investors to produce freshwater and saltwater fish locally, conserve the species, produce new species and hatching and ensure adequate freshwater and saltwater fish in the market.
Moreover, it should know well about the fish and prawn farming industries to meet the aims of the country and develop the country, agrochemicals such as financial assistance, techniques, transportation and electricity, opportunities permitted by the Myanmar Investment Commission and it should also make harmony efforts to promote the State economy through the accelerated drive in the breeding sector with an increasing number of investors. —Nyein Thu (MNA)/KTZH

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