High-quality Chinese fibre furniture market dampened by high prices

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Due to its rising price, sales of China-imported high-quality fibre furniture have been dull, according to furniture shops.
This high-quality fibre furniture is used mainly for offices, schools and shops, and currently, the market has been flat.
“These furniture are China-made, not locally-produced. The fibre furniture is usually bought by shops such as café and fancy shops. The market was good previously. But now the market has been slow. Wholesale distributors can’t control prices and even sell old stocks with current higher prices. So the products get more expensive for customers. But we have to control prices because we want to liquidate our stock. We don’t sell at a higher price as the same as they raised,” said an official from a fibre furniture shop.
The fibre furniture market was booming after COVID-19, and the trading was average a few months ago. But the market has been slow for the past two weeks.
Fibre furniture is light and easy to carry, which is why it draws customers’ attention. —Thit Taw/ZS/ED

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