Highway bus ticket bookings rise ahead of Thingyan

As Thingyan gets closer, there are many people who would like to return to their natives, and bookings for highway express bus tickets have reportedly mounted.
Travellers have now booked bus tickets to go back home in Thingyan; therefore, bus tickets have been selling well at counters.
“People have started buying bus tickets, both those who want to go back home and those who want to travel. Some bus lines are now fully booked. The majority would go back to Anya (central Myanmar), such as Myingyan and Pakokku,” said an official from a bus ticket counter at Aungmingala Highway Bus Terminal.
Bus tickets for March are sold out now, according to busline offices.
“Bookings for Thingyan are normally made. Tickets are not available until the end of the month. Bookings can be available next month. Most people have already booked tickets,” said an official from a bus ticket counter.
Despite a lot of bookings, there is no activity of reselling tickets at higher prices.
“I’m not sure about it when Thingyan is nearing. At present, there is no selling of unofficial tickets. Bus ticket fees will get high later, but not yet. If bookings for Thingyan days are made, the price will be nearly double. The increase in bus ticket fees will be visible next month. It has stayed normal until now,” a bus ticket agent told The Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM). — Thit Taw/ZS/ED

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