Hlegu historians investigate potential ancient sculpture depicting Buddha’s footprint

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The Historical Team of Hlegu Township (HTHT) has observed a recently discovered sandstone Buddha footprint sculpture in Hlegu, Yangon Region, which is believed to be an ancient work, according to an official.
On the advice by the Sayadaw of Maggin monastery, vice chairman of Hlegu township Sangha Maha Nayaka committee, HTHT visited the Buddha’s footprint located at the old pagoda hill near 11 mile, Kanni village.
Made of sandstone, the footprint is 4.5 feet by 2.5 feet wide and was initially classified as an ancient craft.
“It has existed for a long time and it becomes more accessible now. After visiting and studying it, we came to understand that it is an ancient work of great value and significance. So, we all will have to preserve it. A great archaeologist briefly estimated that it was at least 400 – 500 years old. It is a rare opportunity to see an ancient work and we must value it highly. As we are also doing research on the Pyu era, we know that the Horal patterns and marks around this Buddha’s footprint sculpture are quite ancient,” he said.
Access to this site of the Buddha’s footprint is easy, and people should visit and pay homage to it, he said, giving a good message.
If it is gilded or gold-plated, its authentic value can be destroyed, so he also advised the public to follow the authentic preservation of this ancient Buddha’s footprint sculpture in its originality. — MT/ZN

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