Honorary speech delivered by State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing to opening ceremony of 51st Myanmar Health Research Congress


20 February 2023


Everybody, Mingalaba!
I extend greetings to all with my best wishes for officials, health experts, researchers and guests attending today’s 51st Myanmar Health Research Congress to be auspicious and for physical and mental well-being.
I know that the Health Research Congress aims to improve prevention and treatment subjects concerning the health sector, to promote healthcare standards and to exchange knowledge among the relevant health experts to be able to apply the findings in research in the practical fields.
The Health Research Congress was initiated in 1965. In the early years, the congress covered submission of research papers. The Congress has been comprising the research poster show since 1991 and symposiums on a wider scale since 2002. Since 1993, the best paper award and best poster award have been presented to the winners to improve the research qualification of researchers and to make endeavours in submitting the paper with competitiveness. Moreover, the youth research award has been presented to the winners starting in 2010 for encouraging the new generation of youth researchers.
The 51st research congress is scheduled to be held for five consecutive days from 20 to 24 February 2023. The research paper supervisory subcommittee has systematically selected the basic research papers, applied research papers, social and health system research papers and research posters to be submitted to congress, and it is known that arrangements have been made to show the posters in the in-person system. The congress will comprise submitting 58 research papers and 34 research posters, and four symposiums will take place with the participation of local and foreign experts. As such, I would like to express my pride in effective endeavours in uplifting the health standard of the nation.
Nowadays, the majority of emerging infectious diseases and pandemics including Covid-19 originated from zoonotic diseases. So, the theme of this year’s congress was set as The Fight Against Zoonotic Diseases: A One Health Approach. The symposiums related to the theme will be held with the participation of local and foreign experts whose exchange of knowledge will depend on their experiences. I firmly believe that the cooperation of both local and foreign experts will bring about in fruitful results.
Currently, much evidence has emerged that modern molecular techniques contribute much to exposing new therapies and new medicines in conformity with global advancements. In this regard, researchers from Myanmar and the Republic of Korea will exchange views and knowledge about Clinical Significance of Molecular Techniques: A Focus on TB and Hepatitis B which will highlight tuberculosis and Hepatitis diseases.
Nowadays, the globe has been facing violent infection and the outbreak of the pandemic due to variant viruses and genetic changes of Covid-19 and Dengue Fever. As such, it is necessary to strive for improvement of research capability so as to keep genetic changes under surveillance on time and perform prevention and treatment measures. The government will continuously provide necessary assistance and encourage cooperation with the international community.
At the same time, all need to effectively and widely conduct research tasks related to non-infectious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Priority must be given to conducting research processes related to preventing and controlling diseases based on pollution in the environment. I would like to urge all to cooperate with veteran traditional medicine practitioners and those from the Traditional Medicine Department to have further exact and firm research data to benefit the people through applied research processes related to traditional medicines and penetrate the traditional medicinal science of Myanmar and traditional medicine products into the international community.
As the government allows cash assistance for research projects annually for the implementation of research grants being conducted by the Ministry of Health and has allotted K677.3 million of the fund for operating 173 research projects initially selected by the research proposal initial verification body in 2022-23 financial year, I would like to urge those researchers to strive for achieving greater success in their projects.
In doing the health research processes, it is necessary to carry out for the people to thoroughly comprehend improvement of basic health conditions and healthy lifestyle and to have knowledge about the nature on infection of diseases and preventable capacity in order to raise the life expectancy of the people for serving their interests. Moreover, it is important to gear up the research on traditional medicines and promote cooperation in research with the international community under the research ethics and timely inform the people about research findings through congresses, local and foreign research journals and publications. I would like to urge all to successfully implement a social objective among the 12 objectives of the State Administration Council: “To strengthen basic health care in order to achieve the emergence of a health system that enhances the longevity and health of the entire nation”.
In line with the National Health Research Policy: To inculcate a good research culture through the creation of a favourable research environment and promoting research in academic institutions, it is necessary to turn out young scholars who are keen to carry out their tasks after conducting research , that is, research-mindedness in our country. To have such a result, it is necessary to consecutively hold the current health congress so as to nurture those scholars since their studenthood to have the hobby of doing research.
At the same time, they all need to follow the national health research policy “To establish a well-functioning system of “Responsible Conduct of Research” in health research and academic institutions”. It is very important for the researchers to steadfastly realize that their research projects must be correct and accurate and these must be responsible conduct of research to bring advantages only to the patients and the people.
As far as I know that duties and functions to successfully hold the congress were assigned in a systematic manner, I would like to deeply express my thanks to all members of the leading committee, work committee and subcommittees for organizing the congress, paper and poster researchers and local and foreign experts for participation in the symposiums.
In conclusion, I would like to urge all participants
— to seek good research results from the research papers, research posters and symposiums from the 51st Myanmar Health Research Congress, and
— to successfully strive for ensuring the longevity of everybody free from diseases in accord with the objective of the Ministry of Health.
I would like to express my firm belief that the evidence-based research findings can be vividly implemented for ensuring better health of Myanmar citizens in applying the medical research findings in accord with the vision of the Department of Medical Research, with my best wishes for researchers to have the capacity to conduct good researches which can be the best driving force for the development of the nation in order to keep abreast of the international community.
Thank you all.

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