Honour innovators and creators by protecting their works

Innovation and creation are essential for society as they decorate society with new and magnificent works. In fact, society is beautiful due to innovative and creative works. Such a couple of works have been changing and upgrading society year by year. Hence, everybody in society needs to honour those from innovative and creative arenas.
Innovation and creation contribute to the improvement of the society and convenience of the people. As such, everybody needs to understand the important role of copyright in innovation and creation. Currently, the role of copyright is crucial for foreign trade, investment, trade promotion, and science and technological cooperation to earn incomes for relevant governments as well as to improve relevant sectors.
Today’s majority of global countries are exercising the protection of copyright as an economic tool to improve the socioeconomic life of the countries and to constantly promote trade and investment sectors. Only when the governments emphasize the role of copyright will the people including innovators and creators have the activeness to conduct more and more innovation and creations to improve the society and the people.
In Myanmar, Myanmar enacted copyright laws related to trademark, industrial design, creativity and innovation, and literary and artistic in 2019. Only when the country has economic, social, scientific and cultural sectors will the country develop. As such, Myanmar needs to firmly build a copyright protection system in order to constantly enhance trade and investment sectors.
The World Intellectual Property Organization-WIPO releases the Global Innovation Index-GII on a yearly basis. The index mentions Myanmar stands in 129th position in the innovation capacity in 2020, 127th position in 2021 and 116th position in 2022. Hence, the government is implementing the intellectual property rights system to effectively protect the works of innovators and creators. If so, the enhancement of innovative and creative capacity will directly benefit the development of the country.
Implementing an IP protection system will contribute much to booming the State economy, rising foreign investments and enhancing the process of manufacturing and businesses through the transfer of advanced technologies. Moreover, entrepreneurs, creators and businesspersons will have the chance to enjoy IP rights under the law.
As such, the government and the people are to firmly join hands in implementing the IP right system which can improve the economic, social, scientific and cultural sectors of the country as well as innovative and creative activities for shaping a better country in the future.

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