Illegal teaks, vehicles, handsets, other related items confiscated

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Under the supervision of the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee, effective action is being taken to prevent illegal trade under the law.
On 14 January, the Myanmar Customs Department and combined team were searching a Hino Profia truck vehicle, which stopped at Yepu permanent checkpoint and found illegal 7,400 mobile phone handsets worth estimated at K808,766,700, 570 power banks worth K7,550,000 and phone charger cable weighing 385 kilogrammes worth K577,500 from 12-wheel vehicles. The action is being taken as per the Customs Department procedures.
Similarly, a combined team led by the Forest Department under the supervision of the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee inspected a yard from Panpukwin village, Yekyi township and found illegal teak lumber weighing 0.801 tonne worth estimated at K200,250. The action is prosecuted by the Forest Department procedures.
Besides, a combined team comprising the Customs Department stopped a 12-wheel Mitsubishi Fuso truck carrying illegal goods at Mayanchaung checkpoint yesterday and found 4,000 pairs of Adda brand fitflops worth K8,000,000. Moreover, a combined team led by the forest department checked the forest reserve in Bago, Toungoo and Thayawady districts and found illegal teak weighing 15.694 tonnes worth K3,877,500 and hardwood weighing 15.406 tonnes worth K2,957,800.
A combined team led by the Forest Department examined and found illegal teaks weighing 13.03 tonne and one chain saw used in illegal teak production worth K8,754,790. The action is being taken in accordance with the forest department procedures.
As a result, a total of nine cases estimated value K890,684,540 were arrested on 14 and 15 January, according to the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee. — MNA

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