Illegal timber, vehicles and foodstuff seized

Chin sskm
Illegally imported foodstuff are seized in Haka Township of Chin State on 5 March.

Under the supervision of the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee, effective action is being taken to prevent illegal trade in accordance with the law. An investigation team led by the Haka Township Police Station conducted an investigation under the management of the Anti-Illegal Trade Task Force and seized illegal food items (estimated at K10,199,000) in Haka Township on 5 March.
Action is being taken in accordance with the Chin State Characteristics Act.
Similarly, under the management of the Anti-Illegal Trade Task Force, combined inspection teams led by the Region Forest Department conducted inspections and seized 1.0726 tonnes of various species of timber (estimated at K33,091) in the Bago District Forest Reserve in Bago Region on 6 March and action is being taken in accordance with the forest law.
Similarly, one unlicensed vehicle (estimated at K5 million) was seized in Sagaing Township, Sagaing Region under the management of the Combined Investigation Team and Anti-Illegal Trade Task Force.
Next, a total of 4.211 tonnes of illegal timber (estimated at K210,550) was seized in Tamu Township, in line with the forest law.
Thus, a total number of arrests was five and its estimated value is K15,442,641 on 5 and 6 March, according to the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee.—MNA

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