Illegal timber, vehicles, consumer goods seized across country

Jan 14 sskm

Under the supervision of the Illegal Trade Eradication Steering Committee, efforts are being made to effectively take action against illegal trade under the law. On 13 January, a combined inspection team from the Yepu Permanent Inspection Station confiscated about 0.7678 tonne of undocumented teak (estimated value of 2,303,400 kyats) and, the carrier, Toyota Hi-Ace (estimated value of K17,000,000) near Yepu village on the Lashio-Muse Road.
Similarly, another vehicle (Toyota Hi-Ace (estimated value of K13,000,000) carrying 0.6712 tonnes of undocumented teak (estimated value of K2,013,600) was confiscated under the procedures of the Department of Forest near the same village.
During the inspection of the motorcycle spare parts imported from China at the Myanmar Industrial Port Container Inspection Station, two types of spare parts (estimated value of K6 million), one type of cast iron balls (estimated value of K23,114,000), eight types of machine spare parts (estimated value of K1,380,600), which were not listed in the import declaration, were confiscated under the regulations of the Department of Customs.
A Hilux vehicle (X/3309) was also arrested with 10 packs of Thai-made herbal glue (estimated value of K400,000), 15 packs of fertilizer (estimated value of K420,000) and 25 packs of herbal supplement (estimated value of K700,000), which have no official documents, during an unexpected inspection on the way from Hpa-an to Bago.
Under the management of the Ayeyawady Region Illegal Trade Eradication Special Task Force, a combined task force conducted a search operation in Mawlamyinekyun Township, Labutta District, and arrested 60.0348 tonnes of teak (estimated value of K107,700,000) and 0.8936 tonne of Mango wood (estimated value of K300,000) under the regulation of the Department of Forest.
Yesterday, 7.677 tonnes of illegal teak (estimated value of K1,510,900) was seized in the forest reserves in Bago and Toungoo districts, and 3.7274 tonnes of illegal teak (estimated value of K1,118,220) in Tamu Township, Sagaing Region, and action is being taken under the procedures of the Department of Forest.
Similarly, A total of 880 thermoflasks (estimated value of K4,664,000) were confiscated at the Kawkareik combined Inspection Station.
According to the Illegal Trade Eradication Steering Committee, a total of 12 arrests were made on 13 and 14 January (estimated value of K181,624,720). — MNA

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